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The name regional warehouse is derived from the market or region it serves.  Regional warehouses are the most numerous facilities within the warehouse distribution category.  Regional warehouses are similar in size to Multi-Tenant buildings and can also accommodate multiple tenants.  The shape of the building distinguishes these facilities from multi-tenant facilities.  Typically, regional warehouse are rectangular in shape which allows more efficient single tenant use.  Multi- Tenant facilities are not typically rectangular

Typically, Regional warehouses do not exceed 100,000 square feet in size.  Ceiling heights are typically at the low end of the warehouse distribution range, which can range from 16 feet to 24 feet.  Lower ceilings typically will not allow mezzanine space. The primary function of these facilities is to store goods, which require a minimum loading capacity.  Office build out can vary significantly.  Regional warehouses generally do not have the features required by manufacturers.  If there is any manufacturing space in a regional warehouse, it is usually less than 10% of total building size.

The loading requirements of regional warehouses typically range from 5,000 to 15,000 square feet per dock.  The ratio can vary depending upon the facility’s use and number of tenants.  Regional warehouses with multiple tenants and a high product turnover typically have a lower ratio:  approximately 5,000 square feet per dock.  Single tenant buildings with low product turnover can have a higher ratio of approximately 15,000 square feet to one dock.  The average ratio is 10,000 square feet to one dock.

Site coverage for regional warehouses corresponds to the level of office build out that impacts the parking requirements.  Multi tenant regional warehouse facilities can resemble multi-tenant buildings.  The size of tenant space, however, distinguishes regional warehouse from multi-tenant facilities.  Average tenant space in regional warehouse exceeds 20,000 square feet, which is approximately twice the average tenant space within multi-tenant buildings.

Tenants range from small, local distributors to large manufacturing corporations.  Office build out generally ranges from 5 % to 25% of total building size, dependent upon the number and size of tenants.